Задайте пожалуйста 15 вопросов к двум текстам.

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Задайте пожалуйста 15 вопросов к двум текстам.


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1. What are the most important parts of London? (the City, the West End, the East End, the Westminster)

2. How many people live in the City? ( about 10 thousand)

3. What is the richest part of London? ( the West End)

4. Where do working people live? (the East End)

5. What is the population of London? ( more than 11 million people)

6. Where is London situated? ( on the river Thames)

7. Who found the city? (the Romans)

8. When did the Romans found the city? ( more than 2 thousand years ago)

9. How did the Romans call the city? ( Londinium)

10. How many parts is London divided into? (4 parts)

12. Which part of London is the oldest? (the City)