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Помогите составить текст ! I'm a lacky person because I'm sure of my fature.I am certain to succeed because I am always careful who and what to deal with.I'm very particular about my project and my business partners.So,I'm always careful not to do or say anything wrong.I'm not a naive person.I'm not sure to take things for granted. I always check everything carefully.Sometimes I'm not sure whether the deal is adequate.Then I'm sure to disapprove of it even if my boss,on the contrary,is certain to approve.It is nice to be sure about what to do.Then you are certain not to fail too often.I'm always lacky.Well,almost always.That's why I am happy.

Используя данную конструкцию,составить свой текс. Например,я счасливый челок потому что поступил в отличное учебное заведение.

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I schaslivo bangs because he entered into a great educational zavedenie.ya know that I will achieve my goals and I'm in this pogugut my parents I know that life teaches us all a lot of it was just in my life, and it was even better now I know why or for whom I live in this world