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Помогите написать сочинение на тему своя биография

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My name is vlad. My surname is (твоя фамилия).
I was born on (Месяц , день), (год) in (город).

My parents are (где работают). I am an (only child-если ты один в семье.) in the family.

I am a pupil of the (класс) form of a (номер школы) school. After leaving school I’ll try to enter the (в какой?) University. I think, the profession of a (твоя буд.профессия) is very interesting and useful to people but it is not easy, of course. I’m fond of (предмет) and (предмет) and I know these subjects are important to learn for entering the institute.

I don’t have much free time but I have a hobby. My hobby is (о своём хобби). 

I have many friends. They are very good and we like to spend our time together. We meet and talk, dance and laugh, listen to good music and do everything what is interesting for a teenager. I’m happy to have nice friends and a good family. I hope that my dreams will come true and I’ll become a (профессия).