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напишите сочинения на тему . the present i would you like to get минимум 80 слов

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It's not a secret that I like to get presetnts, like all teenagers of my age.

Firs of all I'd like to say that giving presents is more pleasant for me than get it.

But I'm going to speak about present what i would like to get. So I've got an interesting hobby. I like solving brain teasers. I've got many of them in my home collection.

The first time I have seen brain teaser was then I was 11 years old. One of my older friends had fond of solving Rubick's Cube.

I'd tried to repeat after him. But I could not do it like he. Then I started surfing the internet, to find a sollution of Rubick's Cube. And I found it.

Some days later i'd learnt how to solve it. Now I've got my personal record. 23.64 sec.

To conclude I'd like to say, that I hope to get Rubicks Cube 4x4 from my parents.