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составить по 5 простых примеров без глаголов с there is/there are

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1.There are so many  people on the street

2.There are so many students in the auditorium

3.There are several dogs

4. There are different trees in the forest

5. There are window's in the living room

1. There is a table table in the kitchen

2. There is a cat on a sofa

3. There is a rose in a vase 

4.  There is a pen on the floor 

5. There is a child on a swing 

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1 There are many pictures in the book.

2 Are there new students in your group?

3 There are many schools in our city.

4. There are many desks in our classrom

5 There  are 25 students in our group.


1 There is some caviare in the can.

2 Is there any snow in the street in the morning?

3there is a soap in the  soap dish.

4There ia some tea for you on the table.

5 There is one picture on the wall.